You Provide the Concept

We provide the basics to get you started.

We Provide the Tools

Management, Working Capital & Location

The Business Incubator

Specializing in Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Artificial Intelligence

Great Locations

With Offices in Princeton, Chicago and San Jose!

Your Business Starts Here

Certatude Solutions specializes in start-up formation of professional services and consulting companies in the fields of marketing, digital engagement, customer database, and business analytics.

CertatudeSolutions is a different kind of incubator

CertatudeSolutions is based on the concept that entrepreneurs should control their business destination. Certatude provides the basics for getting your company started … incubated. You provide the ideas and the drive to make your business a success.

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Our 60-20-20 Funding Concept

The funding concept is based on the simple formula of 60-20-20.  The founding entrepreneur (individual or group) retains 60% of the interest in their company, 20% interest is reserved for the key (future) employees that make the business work, 20% is held by CertatudeSolutions as the incubator group.

Coast to Coast

With offices in Princeton, Chicago, and San Jose, CertatudeSolutions offers multiple locations from coast to coast.



San Jose

Princeton (Headquarters)

5 Vaughn Drive, Suite 306
Princeton, NJ 08540

San Jose

177 Park Avenue, Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95113


1 Westbrook Corp. Center, Suite 300
Westchester, IL 60154

Achieving Success with Certatude!

Over the past two years Certatude has successfully incubated the following companies. Present your business plan and join the Certatude family of businesses.

The Certatude Family of Businesses

CertatudeSolutions incubates independent companies. Each company operates under its own business plan and objectives. However, where there is benefit for the companies to share resources or support business development, help, guidance, and management expertise is always available.


Certatude Analytics

CertatudeAnalytics provides deep, sophisticated analysis of your business opportunities from the data up. We start by developing a deep, detailed understanding of your business objectives.

Certatude Digital

CertatudeDigital focuses on digital marketing solutions including Content Strategy, Mobile and App Development, Website Design and Implementation, SEO & SEM Optimization and Digital Analytics.

Certatude AI

CertatudeAI has decades of experience in the development & implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across multiple platforms.