Certatude AI

Our experienced team offers decades of experience developing and implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) across multiple platforms.  So whether you are just starting out and need to jumpstart your growth, or you need someone to push your business through a plateau, we’ve got the tools to make it happen.

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Our search experience with multiple search-related patents, AI augmented optimization solutions, and dozens of happy clients, you won’t find a team that is better equipped to boost your SEM presence.  Whether you are getting your first AdWords or Bing campaign set up or need an automated system for your campaigns that are losing millions, we have solutions that will get you immediate results.


The growth of mobile and social platforms over the last two years has been immense, and we are already utilizing our knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, to take your brand’s social engagement to the next level. Our attribution predictive modeling allows us to use social data to target and monetize highly engaged customers so you can easily identify where your business’s biggest opportunities stand.

Attribution Modeling

As you expand your marketing campaigns to more and more platforms, it becomes difficult to determine just how customers are interacting with you. We take all of your marketing data and run it through our proprietary AI models to figure out how your channels best work together to optimize you towards your goals.