Incubation Process

Certatude provides the basics for getting your company incubated – Working Capital, Office Space, Human Resources, Insurance, and Accounting Services. You provide the concept and the drive to make your business a reality.

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Our Process is Simple

It all starts with an idea.


1. Concept

Certatude focuses its incubation efforts in the marketing, analytics, digital, and database space. So if you have a concept for a new service offering in this space, we want to hear about it. Pull your concept together, identify how you’re different, and what vertical space you can impact. Then bring your concept to Certatude, we’re all ears and we want to help you succeed.

2. Proposal

Once your concept is ready, we need you develop a business case and proposal for your new company. You proposal should cover all the basics: Define your product/service, identify your target market and estimated market size. Show what’s unique about your offering and tell us about your marketing and sales strategy. We’ll also need to see an initial budget and estimated P&L with cash flow and revenue projections, with an implementation timeline. Also provide your qualifications.

3. Pitch & Review

When you’re ready, submit your proposal and we’ll schedule an in-person pitch meeting. Come by yourself or with leadership team and show us how you’ll make your business a success. Tell us about how you’ll get started and your plans for generating new business. We’ll ask questions and drill deeper into your plans. Once we have all of your information, the Board will review your proposal and make a decision on project funding.

Get Ready to Grow

Upon approval, Certatude will work with you and provide what you need to get your business ready to succeed and flourish in the marketplace.